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At The Beauty of Caring we like to think of microalgae as those little wonders of nature that invented the first photosynthetic life on our planet 3.6 million years ago. Microalgae are responsible for providing between 50% and 80% of the oxygen we breathe and are capable of capturing 10 times more CO2 than other plants.

The latest advances in science allow us to rediscover these microorganisms, offering us a magnificent ancestral solution to the complex needs of the latest generation of cosmetics. Each of our formulas contains different microalgae enzymes of 100% natural origin, all of them carefully chosen for their proven effectiveness as anti-ageing treatments.

Formulas con microalgas

Our technical department has over 15 years of experience formulating natural cosmetics. We have developed sophisticated and effective anti-ageing formulas that combine Microalgae Biotech with a long list of powerful 100% natural ingredients that treat, repair, care for and protect your skin.

Some microalgae enzymes for example are activated by daylight to repair cellular DNA photo-damaged by UV rays, other enzymes use a sophisticated and effective strategy to correct blemishes without altering the original skin tone. Other active ingredients are able, based on the latest findings in burn treatment techniques, to stimulate the self-regeneration of the skin's inner layers, thus filling in fine lines from within the dermis. Welcome to Microalgae Biotech Skincare.


Natural is Natural. Formulating high efficacy and quality products in natural cosmetics is a long and complex process. Being an honest natural cosmetics brand is even more complicated. Many brands label their products with "100% Natural Ingredients" as a marketing claim, but very few are consistent with their message once you study their list of ingredients.

The Beauty of Caring is a brand that truly believes in honesty and efficacy, which is why we label all our products individually with their actual percentage of ingredients of natural origin following strict international standards (ISO 16128). Most of our formulas have 100% ingredients of natural origin, our lowest percentage product has 99.5%.

Honestidad y eficacia es The Beauty Of caring

Within the cosmetics industry you can find different qualities of the same active ingredient without the consumer being able to distinguish between one and the other; obviously their efficacy and cost are not the same. The cosmetic industry market also allows you to put an active ingredient on the label of a product regardless of whether that formula contains it in a low, medium or high efficacy percentage. At The Beauty of Caring we formulate all our products with high quality active ingredients using the maximum efficacy percentage in each product.

Being honest as a natural cosmetics brand means that our formulas are free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Formol Release Agents, Halogen Organic Compounds, Isothiazolinones and other synthetic preservatives, Pthalates, Sulfates, Mineral Oils (derived from petroleum), Silicones, PEG's, PPG, Ethanolamine Compounds (TEA/DEA and MEA), BHA/BHT, Phenol and Phenyl Compounds, Nanoparticles, Heavy Metals, Chemical Stabilisers, Synthetic Fragrances and Artificial Colorants.

The Beauty of Caring is a cruelty free brand and none of our products have been tested on animals.

Productos de alta eficacia y honestos

High performance

100% Natural ingredients that truly perform


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