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We embarked on this exciting journey with the idea of sharing our purpose of finding a balance between taking care of ourselves, taking care of others and taking care of our planet.

As the years go by, you start to discover who you really are. You begin to focus on what really matters. You learn that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those around you.

Because when you feel good in your skin, you feel strong to take care of the people you love and you feel better connected to them...and you realise that nature also ends up taking care of you.

We like to call it Circular Caring, because we are all connected.

Our brand, The Beauty of Caring, is born with the purpose of encouraging you to take care of yourself, make time for you and take care of your skin with 100% natural and highly effective cosmetics.


The Beauty of Caring offers you state-of-the-art natural cosmetics with a promise to take care of you and what matters to you.

Our formulas combine the finest botanical ingredients from oceans, lakes and flora; we are constantly researching to bring the latest advances in natural cosmetics to our products. We carefully choose our actives and ingredients and test them to ensure they provide effective treatments and an innovative sensory experience. Each of our products have different textures, colours and natural fragrances.

Sustainability is part of our DNA as a company. It is not just a policy, it is the way we understand our brand and it is our way of understanding life. It is a never-ending journey of small steps, we are not perfect but we don't give up. We are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the value chain of our brand.

We use the most environmentally friendly materials we can find for all packaging: packaging, glass and cardboard. As a company policy we avoid over-packaging as far as possible.

We are a small family business, we create and manufacture our products in small batches near Barcelona. We choose our suppliers according to sustainability criteria such as their proximity to our laboratory, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

La sostenibilidad forma parte de The Beauty of Caring
The beauty of caring es sostenibilidad

High performance

100% Natural ingredients that truly perform


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